PIKSEL (NO) Opening

Thursday 23.11: Piksel (NO) Festival opening | 18:30-23:00 18:30 Open Decks DJ Anders G. 21:00 Piksel (no) Festival project presentations • IDLE presentation: “Discovery artists” EFEEA residency artists Flor de Fuego and Blaz Plavlika who have developed an unique visual instrument for the Web Virtual Reality (WebVR) environment IDLE using the live coding frame Hydra. […]

PIKSEL (NO) Closing Evening

Saturday 25.11: Piksel (NO) Festival “Discovery artists” EFEEA . IDLE Performance. 21:00 Open studio207 • Open decks • Open BeamerShowcase of Free/Libre & Open Source New Media/ DIY/OSHW / Electronic Art 22:00 PIKSEL (NO) Festival is presenting the “Discovery artists” EFEEA residency artists Flor de Fuego (AR/DE) and Blaž Pavlica (SL) who have developed an […]

Introducing the Center for Digital Narrative

Collective Exhibition curated by CDN From November 7th 2023 to January 5th 2024 Bibliotek for Humaniora, Haakon Sheteligs plass 7, 5007 Bergen What are digital narratives? How have digital narratives evolved over time and how do they influence our lives today? This exhibition explores the history and the future of digital storytelling: code, html, Flash, […]

Creating Visual effects with Code – LIVE Coding!

HYDRA, by Flor de Fuego (AR/DE) PIKSEL KIDZ Lab – a new media art lab for kids!Monday, 27 November – Friday, 1 December 2023To register: piksel23@piksel.no Piksel KidZ Lab is an artistic laboratory for kids to understand and build new media artworks. After 9 years of experience working with kids and technology, the program is […]

A knock from below heard at the bottom (2022)

Polina Medvedeva Interactive sound installationIn this interactive sound installation, equipped with an electromagnetic microphone the audience becomes a voyeur, a foreign agent, an onlooker and an accomplice scanning the space that feigns normalcy, where up is down. Polina Medvedeva, born in Murmansk region, raised in the Netherlands, and now based in Norway, draws inspiration from […]