Creating Visual effects with Code – LIVE Coding!

HYDRA, by Flor de Fuego (AR/DE)

PIKSEL KIDZ Lab – a new media art lab for kids!
Monday, 27 November – Friday, 1 December 2023
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Piksel KidZ Lab is an artistic laboratory for kids to understand and build new media artworks. After 9 years of experience working with kids and technology, the program is rooted in the autumn schools program. Piksel KidZ Lab will be held in Bergen during the autumn of 2023.

In an era that seems very important to upgrade digital skills, the proposed workshop will help kids to sharpen their digital competences and at the same time encourage motivation for digital experimentation. The goal is to de-mystify technology and reveal its design decisions, limitations, and creative potential.

Creative Coding is an new art practice based on real time coding that produces visual and sound performances. The workshop deals with the most experimental tool in creative coding created by Olivia Jack, HYDRA. Based in free technologies, kids will learn how to make visuals through algorithms and electronic basic tools whilst exploring new skills in a range of digital arts and technology.

The workshop will result in a set of live performances produced by the youngsters at Studio 207.