PIKSEL (NO) Opening

Thursday 23.11: Piksel (NO) Festival opening | 18:30-23:00

18:30 Open Decks DJ Anders G.

21:00 Piksel (no) Festival project presentations

• IDLE presentation: “Discovery artists” EFEEA residency artists Flor de Fuego and Blaz Plavlika who have developed an unique visual instrument for the Web Virtual Reality (WebVR) environment IDLE using the live coding frame Hydra.

• Presentation of the exhibition “A knock from below heard at the bottom” from Polina Medvedeva and the artistic director Julie Lillelien Porter from Lydgalleriet.

22:00 Open Studio207 • Open decks • Open beamer
Showcase of Free/Libre & Open Source New Media/ DIY/OSHW / Electronic Art